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Efficient fleet management using a trailer tracking system

Want to know the precise location of your trailers or be able to prove which driver or tractor unit has used which trailer? The GeoTracer trailer tracking system provides a simple solution.

All-round tracking solutions

GeoTracer stays up to date with developments in the construction and transport sector and fully understands the requirements of fleet managers. We develop geolocation solutions that are aligned to the applicable legislation and actively improve workflow efficiency for all parties. Our systems provide:

  • improved control and overview
  • optimised management and administration
  • enhanced security

The trailer tracking system from GeoTracer

Our trailer tracking system enables the following:

Real-time positioning

Our application enables you to view the real-time, global position of your trailers on a map at any given time. You can also view the entire route history.

Tractor unit identification (including in the event of theft)

Our RFID solution enables you to identify the tractor unit to which your trailer is attached. This is useful for number plate detection in the event of infringements. You receive an alert in the event that your trailer undergoes an unauthorised movement by an unidentifiable tractor unit or leaves your demarcated area (geofence).

The monitoring of additional parameters

The GeoTracer tracking system also allows you monitor additional parameters. It provides remote visibility of the temperature in temperature-controlled transportation and the opening of trailer doors.  It can also be configured to send alerts in the event of anomalies.

Want to maintain an overview of your trailers?

Our specialists are happy to demonstrate the various options.

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