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Tracking materials using GeoTracer saves time and money

Construction companies typically possess valuable assets that are spread across various locations. The IoT solution from GeoTracer provides you with rapid insight, seamless planning, enhanced security and effortless material tracking.

Diverse track and trace solutions

Construction and transport companies harness GeoTracer geolocation systems for increased workflow efficiency. Our solutions provide enhanced control, overview and security of personnel and materials. Geolocation can additionally ensure optimised management and administration.

Our keen interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) and other market developments, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of industry legislation, guarantees that each and every GeoTracer system is of optimum quality. And we invariably strive for budget-friendly solutions.

Tracking materials using GeoTracer

Efficient material management using the GeoTracer unit:

An overview of your materials

Want a comprehensive overview of your trailers, cable drums, toilet cubicles and other materials? Our IoT solution effortlessly enables you to trace and secure your materials.

Theft alerts

You also manage your alert messages via the application. You can configure it to provide alerts in the event that an object undergoes unauthorised movement or is located outside a demarcated area (geofence) for example.

An autonomous unit

We supply you with a unit that is autonomous, waterproof and easy to install (plug-and-play). The unit sends a signal once every 24 hours. It can also be configured to send a signal upon the commencement and termination of movement. This allows the unit to make economic use of its internal batteries, guaranteeing a minimum service life of 10 years.

Want to track your materials via a practical application?

Our experts are happy to furnish you with more information.

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