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Distinguishing private and work-related company car usage

The vast majority of employees who own a company car also use it for private travel. GeoTracer has developed a company car tracking system that enables employees to prove that their company car usage is work-related, and also allows employers to manage private use.

Versatile geolocation solutions

GeoTracer is the market leader in the development of tracking solutions that optimise company workflow in terms of administration and management. Our systems also provide enhanced control, overview and security of personnel and materials.

At GeoTracer we are fully up to date with market developments and legislation, and align our systems accordingly. This enables us to deliver high quality products at competitive prices.

The GeoTracer company car tracking unit

Our company car tracking system options:

Proving exclusive work-related usage

Tax authorities invariably assume that company cars are additionally used for private purposes. The taxpayer can harness our tracking unit to prove that their car usage occurs exclusively during working hours.

Switching to private usage

If your employees do wish to use the company car for private purposes, then they can activate a private travel parameter. You can also pre-configure private usage for set times and weekends. In this instance, the system only records the mileage and not specific routes or stops.

Additional insights

Employers can collate working hours-related data by means of track and trace, including mileage, speeds driven, stop locations, job registration, driver identification and more.

Manage the private and work-related usage of your company car(s)

Using the simple tracking system from GeoTracer.

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