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Manage your mobile employees using driver identification

As an employer, you are responsible for the actions of your personnel when driving company vehicles. Multiple employees typically have access to one vehicle. GeoTracer driver identification effortlessly enables you to maintain an overview and simultaneously simplifies administration in the event of infringements.

Effective geolocation solutions

GeoTracer supplies professional customers with geolocation systems that we develop in-house. We search for solutions that provide enhanced control, overview and security of their personnel and materials, and are tailored to their precise requirements. We additionally devise solutions for the optimisation of management and administration.

An intuitive driver identification system from GeoTracer

A particularly beneficial feature if your personnel frequently take to the road:

Insight into your mobile employees

A badge is used to instantly register which driver and passengers are seated in which company vehicle. Geolocation or geopositioning technology also enables you to check the vehicle location, both in real time and retrospectively.

Time and cost savings

Mandatory driver identification considerably simplifies your administration. You derive increased insight into journeys, routes, stop locations and speeds driven.

Safe and economical driving behaviour

Driver identification also allows you to analyse the driving behaviour of your mobile employees. Where necessary, you can encourage your personnel to drive more safely and economically.

Management and administration optimisation using GeoTracer

GeoTracer provides companies with a wealth of geolocation solutions that demonstrably improve the efficiency of their business processes. In addition to driver identification, you can also utilise our solutions for job registration, mobility calculation & time registration and attendance registration at Checkinatwork.

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