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The GPS tracker from GeoTracer locates your classic car in the event of theft

Classic cars can be of huge emotional value, yet typically come with little or no security equipment. The GeoTracer GPS tracker enables you to view the precise location of your classic car at any given time and sends alerts in the event of unauthorised movements.

Comprehensive tracking systems

Over the years, GeoTracer has evolved into the market leader in geolocation solutions. Our continuous monitoring of market developments and legislation makes us the preferred partner for professional and private customers alike.

Businesses harness our solutions for enhanced control, overview and security of materials and personnel, and optimised management and administration.

Private customers use our high-performance tracking systems to locate their cars, boats, motorcycles, classic cars and other objects in the event of theft.

The GeoTracer GPS tracker for classic cars

The benefits of our classic car tracking system:

Real-time tracking

The GeoTracer GPS tracker provides instant visibility of your vehicle’s precise location at any given time. Our system boasts international coverage and can be used worldwide.

Configurable alerts

You configure your own, personal alert parameters:

  • upon leaving a demarcated area (geofence)
  • upon towing
  • upon tampering
  • upon unauthorised use
  • upon excessive speed

  • via SMS
  • via email

Approved incident control room

You receive an instant alert and dedicated assistance from an approved incident control room in the event of an attempted theft of your classic car. The incident control room locates your vehicle and alerts the police, ensuring that you recover your classic car as swiftly as possible.

Want 100 % peace of mind for your classic car?

Explore our GPS tracker unit.

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