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Checkinatwork in de bouw- en vleessector met GeoTracer

For certain types of construction work and meat sector operations, it is mandatory to register workforce attendance in the Social Security Office’s online Checkinatwork service. GeoTracer develops user-friendly geolocation solutions to simplify the registration process for all concerned.

Versatile geolocation solutions

GeoTracer is the preferred partner for companies, SMEs and self-employed persons striving for optimal business operations.

We develop geopositioning systems for the control and overview of materials and personnel, the optimisation of management and administration, and enhanced security.

We invariably strive for competitive prices and consistently align to market developments and legislation.

About the service

Employers and contractors register the attendance of employees, subcontractors and independent subcontractors via Checkinatwork. Employees and independent subcontractors can also register directly in the system. This should be done on a daily basis, prior to the person concerned commencing work activities.

Checkinatwork using the GeoTracer solution

All our solutions ensure the following:

Continuous regulatory compliance

A few simple steps ensure that employees are fully compliant with legislation, which avoids sleepless nights worrying about social control and potential fines.

Quick and simple

Time registration and sign-in can be performed quickly and easily via our various solutions:

  • badge system in company vehicle
  • mobile application
  • web application
  • time clock


Our geolocation technology records the work site at which the employee is registered. Checkinatwork registrations provide an accurate overview at all times.

Clear and comprehensible report

The GeoTracer web application provides access to a clear and comprehensible report of your registration data.

Searching for seamless work site registration?

Choose the high-performance solutions from GeoTracer.

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