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Searching for a car tracking system?

Your vehicle must be equipped with a properly functioning anti-theft system in order to be insured against theft. Luxury cars require a valid (transponder type) anti-theft system or certified INCERT TT car tracking system based on geopositioning.

Track and trace systems

GeoTracer offers numerous geolocation solutions that map, track and secure assets. Private individuals use these to protect their car, boat, motorcycle or classic car. Businesses benefit from enhanced control and overview of their personnel and materials, and optimised management and administration.

We develop all our solutions in-house and strive for optimum quality at competitive prices.

The TT Pack from GeoTracer

The car tracking system from GeoTracer:

GeoTracer, a certified INCERT installation company

GeoTracer has been awarded the INCERT quality label. This label guarantees businesses and private individuals that we exclusively install approved security systems, the TT and TT3 unit (formerly CJ0 and CJ2). Our systems comply with all security standards, boast a low power consumption and are suitable for all types of vehicles. No interaction is required with the vehicle’s electronics and the unit is discreetly installed and concealed in your car.

Approved incident control room

We additionally ensure connectivity to an approved incident control room. The incident control room is at your round-the-clock disposal in the event of theft. Depending on your TT Pack, the incident control room locates your car remotely and, if necessary, immobilises it to prevent further theft or damage. The incident control room contacts you immediately in the event that your vehicle has been tampered with or towed away.

Enhanced security

Our TT units boast additional options for the enhanced security of your car. The system provides continuous visibility of your vehicle, the routes and speeds driven and much, much more. And it does all this without violating the privacy of the driver in question.

Keen to have a tracking system installed in your car?

GeoTracer is a certified installer.

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