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All-round RFID solutions from GeoTracer

Construction or transport companies typically possess valuable assets that are spread across various locations. The trailer and asset tracking capability provided by GeoTracer RFID solutions furnishes you with an instant global overview of your materials, equipment and trailers.

High-performance monitoring of work site materials

GeoTracer also markets security and surveillance systems for work site equipment and materials.

We monitor quality throughout the entire in-house development process and stay up to date with market developments and legislation.

Asset tracking using RFID

Our RFID solutions enable you to maintain an overview of your work materials and equipment. That way you get the right materials to the right place without wasting valuable time.

Manage your trailers using RFID trailer tracking

Our RFID tags are also harnessed by the transport sector for trailer tracking. The RFID technology enables you to determine which trailer was linked to a particular tractor unit. This is useful when planning new transport assignments and in the event of unauthorised movements by an unidentifiable tractor unit.

RFID also provides clear and comprehensible reports on fleet usage and history, and enables you to monitor the temperature and opening of doors.

Manage materials, equipment and trailers

Connecting RFID tags to your materials, equipment and trailers keeps you informed of their location at all times. An RFID receiver installed on board your vehicle or at your work site registers the signal and automatically displays your materials.

Save valuable time

Trailer and asset tracking provides an at-a-glance overview of your property’s location and saves you a considerable amount of time. You can also utilise the GeoTracer RFID technology to check the history and the vehicle.

Guarantee the recovery of your assets and trailers

Want to deploy your work materials or trailers quickly and efficiently? Our RFID solution provides you with a full history, detailing when and where they were used.

Interested in monitoring or securing other objects?

Do you possess other valuable assets that do not have their own power supply and you wish to monitor or secure? GeoTracer additionally supplies autonomous anti-theft systems for containers and silos, boats and other objects.

Want to manage and secure your materials using trailer or asset tracking?

Feel free to contact our experts for more information.

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