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The digital tachograph has been required by law since 2006 on all vehicles that are subject to Regulation 3820/85 on driving and rest times.

Important changes in this regard were made from 15 June 2019. Vehicles registered for the first time from this date are required to implement the second generation of the digital tachograph (the “smart” tachograph). Older vehicles used for international transport are given 15 years to do so (by 15 June 2034 at the latest). The old tachograph can be used for domestic transport until the end of its life.

What has changed?

The second generation digital tachograph will record the precise location data of the start and end points of the working time via satellite systems.

In addition, the inspectors will be able to check certain data from a short distance. This makes it possible to detect early manipulation or suspected abuse of tachographs.

With this second generation digital tachograph, a second generation of tachograph cards is also available, but these can be used perfectly in first generation tachographs, and vice versa.

Download tacho data remotely

It is required by law to keep all data in the tachograph for 5 years. However, the tachograph itself has limited memory, which means that it is necessary to regularly transfer this data to external storage media. All too often this is done manually, whereby the truck in question must also be physically present!

Thanks to the GeoTracer solution, the tacho data is automatically stored online. To be in compliance with the legislation, our solution allows you to download the data automatically and remotely, saving you a lot of time!

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