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Efficient fleet management using the GeoTracer tracking system

Your vehicle and machine fleet is of considerable value to your company, yet is typically spread across various locations. Our advanced tracking system provides a permanent overview, protects your mobile goods and avoids wasting time and money due to traffic jams and excessive fuel consumption.

Versatile geolocation solutions

GeoTracer is an all-round IT solutions provider for track and trace, fleet management, GPS technology and anti-theft systems. Professional customers employ our high-tech systems for enhanced control, overview, security, administration and management. Private customers use GeoTracer to secure their cars, boats, motorcycles, classic cars and other valuable objects.

All our solutions are competitively priced and aligned to market developments and legislation.

A comprehensive tracking system from GeoTracer

The track and trace solution from GeoTracer comprises more than the mere surveillance of your vehicle and machine fleet:

Global overview

Our user-friendly application provides global, real-time positioning of your vehicle and machine fleet.

Comprehensive range of reports

GeoTracer provides a wealth of information. Obtain detailed reports on routes travelled, speeds driven, stops, weekend usage, mileage tax calculations and more, without violating driver privacy.

Theft alert

You receive an automated alert via SMS or email in the event of unauthorised movements. The alert parameters can be configured according to your personal preferences.

Multiple options

The system facilitates additional registrations in order to simplify your administration. Such as mobility calculations, time registration, temperature registration, driving style analysis and the transfer of tachometer data.

Ready for efficient fleet management?

Implement a high-performance tracking system from GeoTracer.

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