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Efficient job registration using GeoTracer

Keen to make staff planning and administration as seamless for you and your employees as possible? The intelligent GeoTracer job registration system accommodates all your administration requirements in an affordable, user-friendly mobile application.

All-round IT solutions

GeoTracer serves as a one-stop shop for companies wishing to optimise the efficiency of their business. Our IT solutions enable them to maintain continuous overview and control of their personnel and materials, and optimise their management and administration.

Digital job registration using GeoTracer

We strive for optimum quality for all our solutions. Our registration system incorporates the following:

Planning of pending tasks

A mobile application provides employees with instant smartphone notifications containing detailed job assignments. The system enables you to assign individual jobs or tasks via the smartphone and facilitates immediate employee registration. You subsequently receive an accurate overview of the time that the employee spent on each task.

Overview of completed tasks

Simplified job registration provides you with an accurate overview of the status of each assignment, including hours worked and mileage per employee.

Simple navigation via the app

Employees can readily navigate to the next work site address via the job registration app on the smartphone.


If your work site is registered as being subject to social security, then you can opt to automatically register your employees for Checkinatwork.

Take your administration to new levels

GeoTracer delivers end-to-end solutions. Indeed, you can automate virtually your entire administration using our geolocation solutions. Did you know that we also provide systems for mobility calculation and time registration and the download of tachometer data?

Keen to simplify your administration?

Implement an effective GeoTracer tracking system.

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